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Caprisho Productions is an experience Public Relations, Advertising and Production Company in TV, Radio and press with a focus on the Hispanic Market within the United States.

We are specialists in content and production, analyze the quality, content of productions and provide new ideas and strategies for agencies and independent stations inside United States and out of the Country.

Caprisho Productions is intent on maintaining and reflecting both quality and professionalism in each and every project it takes on, thus securing a reputation established on respect and credibility.

Our primary focus is to envision, create and deliver a product of unparalleled excellence.

Little History

After decades in the media industry, Caprisho has become one of South Florida’s

most prestigious production companies.

Today, numerous clients attribute the success and growth of the business to the creativity and professional services provided by Caprisho Productions.



Born in La Habana, Cuba, it was obvious since she was a child that she loved the Arts, Literature and the Communications.  Maricel Hernandez came to Miami in 1987, where she’s been living until now.


- 1990 Miami Dade College

- 1994  Model and Style

- 1993 Academia Estrellas – Popular Dance

-1995 Academia S & C – DJ & On Air Personality

- 1995 Miami University – Journalism

- 2003 Miami Dade College – Production

- 2006 Miami Dade College – Media and Marketing



As soon as she completed both of her careers, she started working as an Announcer at La Gran Cadena 106.3fm radio station, and also as an Entertainment Reporter at Miavision TV.

In 1996 she received the opportunity to start working as an Editor, Reporter and Newscaster at CMQ-1210am.

By the end of 1996 until 1998, Maricel became the first Traffic Reporter in Miami for:

- Classica 92.3fm

- Stereo Fiesta 106.3fm

- CMQ 1210am.

During that time she also collaborated as a Columnist for Accion Newspaper, and as an Editor for Telemundo51 News Department.

While she was working for Telemundo and Accion Newspaper, she was also working as a freelance Editor/Reporter for America TeVe, Canal 41 and Tropical magazine.

From 1999 until 2002 she was well known as a Producer, Anchor & News Editor for Radio Única-1210AM.



During the time that Maricel worked at Radio Unica she was nominated for the March of Dimes Air Awards, winning the awards for:

  • Best Anchor
  • Best Commercial
  • Best Community Program.

Maricel also won 4 Flamingo Awards:

  • Two Awards for Best Female Radio Voice
  • Two Awards for Best News Anchor, during 1998 thru 2002.

Maricel started to work for WSCV-Telemundo 51 in 2002, time period in which she took Production courses that will later help her become a General Producer.


Once at this position, she produced/ managed important events, programs and shows for this TV station, such as:

  • Enfoque Comunitario
  • Production/ Promotional Campaigns which later won an Emmy Award.
  • From 2005 to 2009 she produced the Telethon League against Cancer for WSCV – Telemundo.
  • Maricel was the Host for “Guía Comunitaria” Radio program at 1210am from 2005 to 2014.

Maricel Hernandez

Business Woman:

After years of success in her professional life, in 2005 Maricel decided to have her own business, and she open up her company Caprisho Productions.

The company fully directed by Maricel Hernandez, specializes in:

  • Marketing
  • Media Advisory
  • Consultation
  • Television and Radio productions
  • Commercials, Infomercials, Demos, Pilots, Music Videos, Voice Over
  • Community Events.
  • Writing and more.

The company has collaborated with Top Market companies and Communications businesses in different projects.

In 2008 Caprisho Productions received a nomination for the Emmy Awards.

At the present time Maricel’s company is the whole Media project where she can achieve and show her abilities.


Maricel Hernandez’s goal is to accomplish that Caprisho Productions overcomes the barriers of ignorance by achieving success doing productions worthy to represent Miami.

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